Our people

Our people define our organisation and are our most valuable asset. When we act in your name, talking to your customers, we appreciate just how important the success of that relationship is both for you and for us. In an industry where staff turnover is traditionally high, we strive to retain our people by offering them the best working conditions and the highest quality staff training. Churn is significantly low at AXA Assistance.

Putting people first

Engaging with our people

At AXA Assistance we invest a great deal of time and resource developing our team's skills and knowledge.

We work hard to retain our people in an industry where staff turnover is traditionally high.
We are committed to encouraging our employees to express their views about the company, its business and their employment, both formally and informally.
We hold company-wide briefings twice a year to keep all our employees up to date with company strategy, development and successes.

We also carry out an annual in-house survey, Scope, which encourages all of the global AXA Group’s 214,000 staff to express their views about their employer in total confidentiality. Scope, and the feedback sessions that follow it every year, are procedures that underpin our corporate strategy, highlight common priorities, provide valuable insight at every level and help the company set global objectives.

Achieving our potential

Our people are most valuable asset and we want them to enjoy working at AXA Assistance.

We do everything we can to help individuals identify and fulfil their career aspirations and we encourage their personal development within the company.

At AXA Assistance, team spirit is at the heart of our strategy for learning and development. We understand that the opportunity for career development at every level is central to our business success, allowing our people and our business to grow.

Learning and development at AXA Assistance

The work of our learning and development team plays a key role in identifying individual needs and developing programmes that help our staff fulfil their potential.

We recognise that as well as immediate goals, our employees have longer-term aspirations. Our Learning and Development Team ensures that individuals are given opportunities for longer-term business and organisational development. We particularly encourage employees to obtain relevant professional qualifications.

Learning and development at AXA Assistance is:

  • Fair and accessible: all employees have access against clear and transparent criteria regardless of status
  • Available: information about learning and development opportunities are readily available
  • Performance focused: performance management plays the central role in identifying learning and development needs
  • Business focused: all learning and development supports AXA Assistance business objectives
  • Inclusive: our learning and development strategy encourages a culture of self-motivated organisational learning
  • Cost effective: all learning and development is evaluated to ensure that it meets agreed learning needs and has demonstrable benefits

Performance management review

After induction, each individual's progress and development needs are monitored at regular performance management review.

These reviews enable individuals and their managers to discuss their performance against business objectives and AXA Assistance corporate values, to identify learning and development needs, to update training and development plans and to discuss longer-term strategies, including professional career development.

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