The development of digital technologies has driven a change in customer lifestyle and expectations. At AXA Assistance, we take this opportunity as a leverage to transform our business and enhance our service delivery. Innovation sits at a core of our business; we invest in digital technologies to provide responsive and efficient emergency assistance services that meet today's lifestyle needs. We believe that digital transformation is essential to providing a first class service.

Explore the Connected Home

Investing in innovative solutions

AXA Assistance is investing in innovative, connected solutions through partnerships with Start-ups and established technology leaders alike. It is harnessing innovative technology that could embed assistance into sensors within home.

AXA Assistance sees a future platform, which handles the automatic detection of water leaks, heating failure or break-ins; sending notifications to the owner, authorities and the insurer. This will deliver immediate peace of mind to the consumer, by deploying trusted tradespeople, fixing the emergency and/or securing the home.

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You will need a Virtual Reality headset, to navigate around our connected house. Should you have any queries please email

Facing an era of digital disruption

Assistance services to lead the way in forging customer relationships

Our industry is experiencing a seismic shift as consumers demand relevant, personalised insurance products enabled by digital development.

As the insurance industry confronts one of the biggest changes it has faced in its history, with the emergence of the IoT (Internet of Things), connected devices and market disruption, AXA Assistance continues to invest in digital innovation, to assist our clients in this changing landscape.

As our clients adjust to consumers demanding increasingly immediate and online services, AXA Assistance is working with them to develop helpful tools that can be white-labelled, allowing us to provide an enhanced claims experience for their customers.

We will continue to invest in innovation, to further improve our assistance services through enhanced connectivity and innovative digital solutions.

For further information, or to enquire about working with us on new digital initiatives, please contact our Head of Innovation on