Important Notice of Changes to Your Renewal Process (Medical Conditions)

It is a requirement of this Travel Insurance that any pre-existing medical conditions must be declared to us at each renewal should you wish to be covered for them under your policy. Claims arising either directly or indirectly as a result of any pre-existing medical conditions of an insured person are covered only when declared by you and accepted by us in writing.

It is important to understand the changes to your policy renewal process. Any coverage that may currently be in place for medical conditions declared to us previously will cease upon the expiry of your current policy and you will need to complete a new medical declaration before the start date of your new policy. Previous terms of coverage may no longer apply.

Failure to disclose any medical conditions for you or any persons to be included on the policy may result in a claim being invalidated.

Do you need to make a Medical Health Declaration?

Please follow this step-by-step guide which helps to determine if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Please read the following questions carefully.Please take reasonable care to answer all the questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge. If you don't, your policy may be cancelled, or treated as if it never existed. or your claim rejected or not fully paid.
  1. Do you (or any other insured person to be covered under this policy) have any past or current medical condition that DURING THE LAST 2 YEARS:
    • has resulted in symptoms;
    OR for which:
    • prescribed medication;
    • any form of treatment;
    • medical consultation;
    • investigation or follow-up/check-up;
    has been required?

  2. Has anyone travelling under this policy EVER had any cardiovascular or circulatory condition?
    For example:
    • a heart attack, angina, chest pain(s), or any other heart condition?
    • high blood pressure, blood clots, raised cholesterol, aneurysm, or any circulatory disease?
    • any form of stroke, transient ischaemic attack, or brain haemorrhage?

If you answered NO to BOTH questions - NO FURTHER ACTION IS REQUIRED.

If you have answered YES to either (or both) questions 1 or 2:

Each person who is travelling under this policy, and who wishes to be covered for any claims arising from their pre-existing medical condition(s) during the forthcoming period of insurance, will need to declare ALL pre-existing medical condition(s) by calling us on 0203 409 4532. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9.00 to 17.00. You will be asked further questions about the condition(s) and we will confirm whether or not coverage can be granted for any associated claims. Previous terms of coverage may not necessarily stand for the forthcoming period of insurance.

If the cover is subject to the payment of an additional premium, cover will not commence until full payment has been received by us and written confirmation has been provided by us

If there are any changes in your health or prescribed medication prior to booking a trip or departing on any trip during the period of insurance you must advise us immediately as this may affect any claim you need to make. All changes must be declared to us and accepted in writing before cover can continue.