Do you need to make a Medical Health Declaration?

Please follow this step-by-step guide which helps to determine if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Step 1

Please read the following questions carefully.
  1. Do you(or any other insured person to be covered under this policy) have any past or current medical condition that during the last 2 years:
    • has resulted in symptoms:
      or for which:
    • prescribed medication:
    • any form of treatment:
    • investigation or follow-up/check-up:
    has been required?

  2. Has anyone travelling under this policy EVER had any cardiovascular or circulatory condition?
    For example:
    • A heart attack, angina, chest pain(s), or any other heart condition?
    • A high blood pressure, blood clots, raised cholesterol, aneurysm, or any circulatory disease?
    • Any forms of stroke, transient ischaemic attack, or brain haemorrhage?

Step 2

If you answered NO to BOTH questions - NO FURTHER ACTION IS REQUIRED.

If you have answered YES to either(or both) questions 1 or 2:

Each person who is travelling under this policy, and who wishes to be covered for any claims arising from their pre-existing medical condition(s) during the forthcoming period of insurance.Will need to declare ALL pre-existing medical condition(s).